Cold Case

 * Blazer – H&M * Tank – Target * Skirt – Target * Boots – Kenneth Cole *
Last week South Florida had quite a few “cold” days.  I was actually freezing in these pics.  Freezing may be a stretch but low 50s is serious business down this way.  I know some of you are still experiencing snow so I won’t complain too much. I put this outfit together from the bottom up.  I was certain I wanted to wear my boots and high low skirt.  I can’t pass up any opportunities to wear boots, lords know when I will be able to pull them out again.  Blazer > Skirt > Boots, it doesn’t get any easier then that. 
Thanks for the awesome comments on  my last post.  Y’all made me feel good about my little skater dress, lol.   

Happy First Day of Spring!