I Love My Levi’s

| BlazerThe Limited (on sale!) | Striped Tee – F21 | Jeans – Levi’s | 
| Sandals – Jessica Simpson | Bubble Necklace – Ebay |


I am and will forever be a Levi’s girl! Ladies if you have a hard time finding jeans give Levi’s a try, they haven’t failed me yet.  No plumbers crack or gapping at the waist.  I can’t find a link for this particular pair because these were purchased at a Levi’s outlet.

I have been getting a lot of messages about sizing and where I purchase my clothes. I am working on a FAQ post for you guys so I can knock out all the questions at once.  So if you have question ask away via my email so I can include it.  Have a great weekend!

  • alovedlife

    I love the stripes on stripes. This is simple but it looks so thoughtful!

  • Arian Hull

    I concur! After searching for years for a brand that adequately cover my backside without gaping, I found Levi's Curve ID. Match made in heaven.

  • I love Levi's as well.  I want to try their Curve line soon.  Love your look, casually cute.

  • Cute look, love the stripes!!

    When I was smaller I loved Levi's but once I put this weight on I stopped wearing them,  I didn't know they had a Curve line (as some of the ladies said),  I need to check that out!!

    Carsedra of:



  • Love the look!! Girl I know I love me some levi's just right for these hips. Lol

  • Style & Poise
  • Tamara Eberhart

    This look looks good on you

  • Chi-Chi Agu

    "No plumbers crack or gapping at the waist" – i hear that! i find it hard to find a pair of jeans that comfortably fit me; i nearly always have to wear a belt with my jeans!

    It's nice to find a brand that can cater for your body – those levi jeans look great on you!

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  • Lisa Lawson

    Love the outfit.  My go to jeans are the Levis Curve ID – Bold or Supreme Curve.  They fit my size 45 hips/booty best w NO GAP.  If you want regular blue jeans then go for your usual size but if you are getting different color jeans (white, black etc.) then go a size up – something about the material used for a different color and the jean doesn't stretch as much.  🙂

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