Frequently Asked Questions

You asked and I answered! I promised to do a separate blog post dedicated to vegetarianism and exercise.

1.  What type of hair am I wearing? Is it a weave
or wig?
I am currently wearing the Janet Collection Indian RemyUtopia wig.  Prior to this I was wearing
Ruth’s Beauty Shop Minxx.  I love Janet
Collection lace front wigs, they are my absolute favorite.  The length and thickness are always perfect.  I do not rotate my wigs so I always wear the
same wig for about three months and then I switch it up.  If I had to choose a second favorite wig it
would be the Saga Remy Cleopatra, I wore that heck out of that wig for seven
months straight! I still have it stashed away. 
I don’t have much to say about the Ruth’s Beauty Shop wig, it was
okay.  It wasn’t thick enough for me and
it didn’t hold curl at all. 

2.  Have you ever thought about doing a 30×30
For those of you that don’t know a 30×30 challenge is when
you pick out 30 pieces of clothing and remix them for 30 days.  I do like the thought of remixing my clothes
but a 30×30 isn’t for me.  I think it
would be great for anyone that is trying to get more out of the clothing they
already have but I am don’t think I could commit to something like this, lol.  I also believe that Kendi from Kendi Everyday was the brains behind the original 30×30. 

3.  What sizes do you wear in Forever 21 and
Both of these stores can be tricky when it comes to buying
clothes if you carry more weight in your booty and thighs.  Forever 21 is a juniors store but they do
carry Love 21 which is cut a half size larger than their normal sizes.  They also have a plus size line which I can
wear an XL in bottoms but only in skirts but cause the pants gap too much for
my liking.

Forever 21: I wear M and L tops, M and L dresses.  I can also wear a size L in their pants if
the cut is generous.  

H&M: I wear 8, 10, and 12 in tops.  Size 10 and 12 in blazers.  Size 12 or 14 in dresses depending on the
cut.  Size 12 in pants if they stretch. 

4.  What size are you?
I would say I am consistently a size 12 but depending on the
clothing brand I can wear anything from a 10 to a 12. 

5.  How tall are you? 
I am 5’5” 

6.  What products do you use on your natural

My natural hair routine is super simple and I keep my product simple as well.  I pre-poo with organic coconut oil and AubreyOrganics Balancing Protein Conditioner on dry hair.  I sit under the dryer for 30 – 45 minutes.  Afterwards I wash my hair with Shea MoistureOrganic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention shampoo.  I allow my hair to air dry for about 30
minutes and I oil my scalp with Home Health Cold Pressed castor oil.  I section off my hair and careful blow dry it.  Finally, I moisturized with Silk Elements Silken Child Silk Moisturizing Creme and
seal my hair with Proclaim Natural 7 Argan Oil.

7.  What is MJR Sales? 
MJR Sales is a website that sells defective clothing from
Victoria Secrets, The Limited, Chadwicks and a few other stores.  Because the clothing is defective the prices are deeply discounted.  The defects are always listed and in most cases are minor such as deodorant marks or tiny snags, etc…    I
have ordered from them twice in the past and never found any defects with my clothing
8.  What kind of Levi’s do you wear? 
Classic Rise Bold Curve Straight (size 12)

9.   How do you organize your closet? 
I just re-organized my closet a few months ago and I really
wanted to share it with you guys, but it’s a small walk-in and getting good
pictures is a problem.  I purchased this
organizer from Home Depot and configured it to my needs.  I put two bars on the left side; the top bar
is utilized for tops and blazers in order by color and style.  On the bottom left I hang skirts and pants in
order by color and style as well.  On the
right side I used one bar and hang all my dresses by color and style.  I used the shelves for all of my purses hat
and bags.  I still need to figure out a
solution for my shoes, right now they are just sitting in my bedroom stacked up. 

10.  How did you start your blog? 

I just created a Gmail account and started a blog.  I was at work one day and finally decided to
do it.  I have been blogging for almost
three years now.  I have never done a
step by step process but if you Google “how to start a fashion blog” there are
several detailed tutorials you can utilize.    This link has the best info!

11.  What size do you wear in the Victoria Secret Kate Flare? 
I purchased a size 14 because the pants were fitted in the
thigh area and I didn’t want to squeeze myself into them.  If you are curvy I would recommend sizing up
for a comfortable fit. 

12.  What size is the paisley Vince Camuto skirt? 
True to fit size 12.