Suiting Separates

* Blazer – The Limited/Thrifted * Ruffle Top – Forever 21 * Ankle Trousers – The Limited *
* Sigh * I am loving and hating these pants.  I absolutely love the color and the fit but I hate how they photographed.  I don’t really care for how shiny they look.  However if I did not post these pics a certain someone, my photo guy, would have had a fit! I know he is reading this now saying all kind of stuff about me calling him out, lol.  
So let me know what you think, I welcome constructive criticism.  I know for sure I needed a belt (I forgot to bring) and a sexier shoe.  What do you guys think?  Should I toss these pants or give them another go styled differently?

  • Ashley

    I think the pants fit you great and I like that they are shiny 🙂 The cut of the blazer is fab and this look can be a double duty. Wear to work and take the blazer off for happy hour. Great post my dear!!

    With Love,

  • Arian Hull

    I have those pants and I love them. Keep them and style differently!

  • I like the pants and yep a belt may have upped it up a bit, but overall it's a very chic look.  Keep those slacks girl.

  • Luv the color combo! great pics 😉 Keep the pants.

  • Missy May

    I like the pant..look great on you. A belt would have been great but all the same you look lovely!! Looking forward to more styling…

  • I get so jealous looking at your location. LOL! you look so polished and perfectly pulled together, as usual! those pants fit perfectly!

  • I LOVE those pants & I think they look great with the shoes. I love how the look works for day w/ the blazer & then has the va-va-voom for nighttime.

  • You know what?  I think these trousers and your photos look amazing!  I think that the shine on them adds interest personally and they are indeed a great fit and color on you!

  • I love the pants on you!  They are a great fit and I could see them being worn in every season.

  • Love those pants!! Gorgeous look! 

  • Love the pants, they are a good fit. A belt would be good. Don't give up on them, give them another try!

  • Girlllllll are you Crazeeeee!!!! Keep the pants! They are hot!! Try adding a hot pink shoe or some'ing! Love love the pants!

  • Charlene Johnson

    I love those pants. They look great on you!

  • melissa ward

    I luv everything about this look so classy

  • those pants are AWESOME!  the color and pattern are just so fun!

    dash dot dotty

  • Those trousers are everythang! Loving the rich texture and color! Cant wait to see how you wear them again!  Thanks for your continued support and comments on my blog its always greatly appreciated! 

    xoxo TY

  • Those trousers are everythang! Loving the rich texture and color! Cant wait to see how you wear them again!  Thanks for your continued support and comments on my blog its always greatly appreciated! 
    xoxo TY

  • Kurves E Zine

    Love the pants and their sheen, it gives them an elegant look!

    I am following. . .

  • Tammie

    That shirt is awesome…I don't care for the ensemble…nevertheless, when you have flat abs as you do, just about anything looks good! Ab envy over here! You look great!

  • Dawn Gibson-thigpen

    I would give them another go. Like the texture and the look of them…

  • I really like the trouser, you should definitely wear them again!!   This outfit isn't bad, but I think I would've picked a different blazer, but hey I am no fashionista so I could be wrong!! LOL!!

    Carsedra of:

  • I LOVE how those pants look, and don't think they look weird at all. You look AMAZING, Shea.

    I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.


  • I love the pants…especially the color!! You look great!

  • I love the pants, However, I don't like the rise.  I think you will definitely make them work, and to me it would look cute with a touch of mustard and animal print :P.

  • alovedlife

    The pants look great on you! I love this color combo a lot.

  • 1ststatestyle

    You look great! Keep the trousers. Next time try wearing them a little more dressed down with a tee and a blazer or a denim jacket and statement necklace. 

  • Gorgeous!! I have these pants. I think they fit you great!!!! Love the whole look!!!! The blouse is awesome!!

  • lovefashion4lfe

    love your style seriously love love

  • Andrea

    Love love love the pants,  actually they are my favorite part of this outfit,  maybe styled differently but did I say I love the pant….DEFINITELY keep them!