Happy Friday Folks!  We made it through another week intact and ready for whatever the weekend brings.  I personally will be doing some shopping, but I am only sticking to my wish list which I should probably share with you guys so you can keep me honest.  Ok enough of my shopping issues, it’s time for another inspiration recreation outfit.

I found this picture on Pinterest this past Sunday and immediately pinned it to my style board so I could recreate it at a later date.  Later just happened to be Monday morning.  As I was getting ready for the week I realized I already owned three similar pieces.  I actually had to grab the tank top out of my Goodwill donation bag, looks like its a keeper for the rest of the year.

Wearing a blazer and pencil skirt does get boring after awhile.  I was more than happy to wear something colorful and vibrant to work Monday morning.  When I look good I feel good and this was a great way to start my week.  This also was a really great way to remix both this blazer and skirt, you can see how they were previously worn here and here.


| Blazer – H&M | Tank – Target | Skirt – Macys | Pumps – Jessica Simpson |

This outfit came together very nicely, now if I could do this for the rest of the year the money I save from shopping could be spent on more trips!  Then again not really because I like to wear all new clothes when I am on vacation, lol. Sigh, the cycle never ends.

Have a great weekend!


  1. OOoOOo I loveee this look on you!!! You recreated it so perfectly! Loving the colors 🙂 

    With Love,

  2. Style & Poise

    That color combo…love! You look great darling! 

  3. Dayami Rabassa

    I love how you recreated this outfit. It came out great 🙂
    I'm in the market for a perfect birght "pink" blazer and right now it seems like the hardest thing to find…lol
    why does that always happen…lol
    Hope you can check out my blog:


  4. Rebekah B

    Wow, this is such a cool color combination! 

  5. jeimysfashionloveaffair

    WOW gorgeous omg this is so perfect so chic I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!

  6. Love this outfit.  Colors, colors, colors work well here in Miami

  7. This is a really great recreation, I'm not sure I have the guts to pull it off though!  BTW, did you get a new camera?  The pics in your BLM post were extra fabulous!

  8. yoyosfashions

    I really love this look!!!! Great recreation you nailed it!!!! Fabulous!!!!

  9. Hermilyn Truthseeker

    LOveeeeeeeeeeeeee your blog…

  10.  Thank you Ebony.  I actually started using a different lens, which makes a huge difference!

  11.  Thank you Toni, I am convinced that me a related some way, we have the same last name but I am not sure if I have any family that lives is Illinois. 

  12. Wow, you are really working that outfit! Looks good on you! Here in Holland we're less outgoing so color is not kind of our/my thing but when I see your outfits, I wish we were more outgoing. You really know how to work with color, love that! 


  13. Pier Parks

    Hi there- Love the look. I have a question. Do you recall the name of the Jessica Simpson shoes you have one.

  14. Hi Pier! They are Jessica Simpson Racer Pumps, if you find them let me know! I am looking for another pair myself. Jessica Simpson makes the best nude pumps for us brown girls.

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