Inspiration Recreation: Vol II

Happy Friday Folks!  We made it through another week intact and ready for whatever the weekend brings.  I personally will be doing some shopping, but I am only sticking to my wish list which I should probably share with you guys so you can keep me honest.  Ok enough of my shopping issues, it’s time for another inspiration recreation outfit.

I found this picture on Pinterest this past Sunday and immediately pinned it to my style board so I could recreate it at a later date.  Later just happened to be Monday morning.  As I was getting ready for the week I realized I already owned three similar pieces.  I actually had to grab the tank top out of my Goodwill donation bag, looks like its a keeper for the rest of the year.

Wearing a blazer and pencil skirt does get boring after awhile.  I was more than happy to wear something colorful and vibrant to work Monday morning.  When I look good I feel good and this was a great way to start my week.  This also was a really great way to remix both this blazer and skirt, you can see how they were previously worn here and here.


| Blazer – H&M | Tank – Target | Skirt – Macys | Pumps – Jessica Simpson |

This outfit came together very nicely, now if I could do this for the rest of the year the money I save from shopping could be spent on more trips!  Then again not really because I like to wear all new clothes when I am on vacation, lol. Sigh, the cycle never ends.

Have a great weekend!