Bloggers Like Me Brunch NC (Recap)

Hey Guys! Sooooo I am sick and not really in the mood to do anything but blow my nose and play Ruzzle.  Have no fear! I have lots of back up posts ready to go while I get past my sinus and allergy issues.  
While I was on my Christmas
vacation I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with several ladies
from the BLM (Bloggers Like Me) Facebook group, remember I told you guys about them
here.   The brunch was hosted by the beautiful and talented Ashley, who is also the creative mind behind the beauty and fashion blog FabEllis.  I meet the ladies at a local Raleigh restaurant called Relish Cafe and Bar.

After exchanging gifts the ladies and I dined on some fabulous southern food which I thoroughly enjoyed!  I had a black eye pea burger, yep a black eye pea burger and
it was soooooo good.  Along with my homemade sweet potato fries sprinkled with brown sugar and
mason jar banana pudding, I was in foodie heaven. 
Marquita, Demetrice, Kandi, and Carmesha
Of course we talked about everything pertaining to blogging and more.  It was great coming together with these ladies, hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet up with them on my next NC visit.

Be sure to check these ladies blogs! 

P.S. Kandi told me her mom and her co-workers read my blog, Hi Kandi’s mom!!!!