The New Normal

* Blazer – H&M * Tank – H&M * Jeans – Levis Curve ID * Booties – Guess * Purse – H&M *

I have wanted a yellow blazer
for the LONGEST time, and finally on a recent visit to H&M I found
one.  This blazer is such a bold statement piece which meshes well with my
love for black and white.  Ya’ll know I love wearing a cute blazer and I
believe my collection might be at 36 or 38.  Even when I think I have
every color imaginable I see a blazer that catches my eye and must come home
with me.  

Having 38 blazers probably
seems crazy but I prefer clothing that can pull double duty (work and play) so
for me throwing on a blazer always seems to make my outfit complete.  Just
two years ago I probably owned one blazer which was reserved for job
interviews, lol.  I have changed so much since I have started blogging, it
amazes me sometimes.  I was that girl that always second guessed
everything I wore and would never try trends because I thought I was
was too curvy.  You wouldn’t dare catch me in anything bright…white
jeans, nope! Shorts, nope! A form fitting dress, HELL NO!  I am so glad I
grew out of that, blogging has really helped me find my self…Shea 2.0.   I
am really liking my new normal.  

For those of you that blog
have you ever gone back to the beginning and noticed how far you have come from
where you started.  What is the one thing that you love about your
progression so far?