Sophisticated Spots

* Blazer – Zara * Peplum – Forever 21 * Skirt – Target * Wedges – Nine West *

I am not sure what print this skirt is suppose to be…leopard, cheetah, or giraffe, lol.  After wanting a leopard print skirt forever I grabbed this from Target about a month ago.  This damn skirt stretched out to about three times it’s size by the time I got home last night.  I picked up a medium because ya’ll know I love that fitted look but was very disappointed with the outcome.  Eboni (The Fashionista Next Door)  seemed to have the same issue with the pants version of this skirt here.   
I loved the print but was disappointed with the over all outcome, money wasted!

  • Style & Poise

    Fab look hon'! All three of my fav's in one look! Peplum, a blazer and animal print! WERK!!


  • Aw, you can tell it's a little looser than you usually wear. I've heard people say you should always go down in Target size.. They do their sizing for a conservative fit.
    You still look great, that blazer works beautifully with the cheetah print!

  • Don't you hate when clothes stretch like that.  Anyway, you look great, love the modern mix.

  • Chi-Chi Agu

    i know what you mean regarding the skirt….you're still killing it though! love the outfit x

  • Ashley

    Cute skirt!!! You and Target are BFF's lol. You look very polished 🙂 

    With Love,

  • oh! I bought the skirt, too…and yes…same problem.  I think mine is a small, and I didn't ever wear it for a full day before it started stretching out. I don't know what I am going to do with it.

  • How sad! this such a cute skirt, maybe throwing in the dryer might shrink it back to decent size??

  • Aw!  Well, at least you look fab!

  • I've returned a hair straightener that broke months after buying it without a receipt. It's worth a shot to take it back and voice your complaint. Worst case scenario, you'll get store credit! Anyway, at least you got a really cute outfit post out of it 😉 
    Btw, I found you in some post, I can't remember what, were you were talking about the lack of diversity in "Miami Bloggers." I thought you were right. I haven't been following Miami bloggers for long, but I am constantly seeing the same few girls, and it would be nice to find more unique ones. So anyway, I started following you. I love your classy style! If you have any suggestions for interesting bloggers to follow, I would appreciate it!

  • melissa ward

    Fab skirt luv the pop of color

  • How disappointing….  the skirt is actually very cute so it's a shame that is has become unwearable.  Your look is fabulous though….  

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  • Ticka

    Cute!! Gurl, let me give you my address, so you can send that skirt on over to me!! LOL!! 

  • Roxy Fashionista

    Just beautiful! As always 😉

  • Great look!! Love the skirt! 

  • red and animal print is always a winning combination and you executed it well.xx

  • Jenelle Collis

    I see I need me an orange blazer!!


  • Kurves E Zine

    You look great. . .so sorry the skirt did not meet your expectations!

    I am following the Bajan Beauty  at

  • Gorgeouspuddin

    Nice combo nonetheless.. you look FAB!

  • Carey-Lee Dixon

    I absolutely LOVE your styling to achieve this sophisticated look! Fantastic 🙂


  • Oh bummer I just bought this shirt this morning for 8 dollars. Didn't have time to try it on not sure it's going to work if it stretches like that. I love your whole outfit I wanted to recreate it if I keep the skirt. Great blog!

  • What’s Haute

    Love your look! I have that same skirt, too! (I wore it here: Sorry to hear it stretched out on you. I've only worn it once so now I'm scared to see what happens next time I wear it!