Pardon My Back

I was so excited about today’s outfit pics! I wish you guys could see me and my photographer, arguing at each other back and forth when I take my outfit pics, lol. I am so hardheaded and I know what I like so anyone trying to give me direction is in for a struggle…a control freak does not take direction well. However we usually get it together and end up with some really great pics for you guys. These pictures are the result of me taking direction, maybe I should do that more often, what do you guys think?

* Cardigan – Target * Skirt – Target * Belt – Forever 21 * Pumps – Steve Madden *

am not sure if you guys know but there is an awesome group on Facebook called BLM, which stands for Bloggers Like Me. This week is BLM Girls
Care…7 days, 7 kind stories, 7 acts, 7 photo stories.  We have been
challenged to capture our kind spirit and share it.  I would love if you
guys took the time to check out the BLM Girls on Facebook, I learn something
new every day from these ladies.  I not going to promise to commit to the
entire seven days but I did want to share some things that I have learned about
“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others
feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner
happiness and peace.” – Dalai Lama

I sometimes
think I am too nice if there is such a thing.  I have never been one to
hold back my willingness to help others.  However in the past couple of
years I have noticed that I continue to find myself feeling used and mistreated
by those I do extend my kindness to.  I am the type of person that goes
all in when you are on my team.  I don’t see any reason not to, but I have
found that not everyone is ready and willing to accept me or my
blessings.  Some people may say “oh they aren’t worthy” but everyone
is worthy of feeling special and having kind things done for them by those that
love them.  In the past when I felt like I was being taken advantage of or
someone was being careless with my feelings I would just completely remove that
person from my life.  Just like that, it seemed simple enough to me.
am a hard to the core when it comes to protecting my feelings, sometimes I take
it too far.  However not anymore, that’s not what life is about life is
about having a great time, making friends, creating memories and
progressing.  I now know that everyone you meet and encounter is in your
life for a reason be it good or bad take it as a learning experience.  I
have matured enough to know I won’t like what everyone has to say or what they
do, nor do I have to but I will respect them and their feelings and I expect
them same in return.  So I felt it appropriate to name my post
“Pardon My Back” because I have turned my back on that way of
thinking.  I have learned that holding on to negativity does not benefit
anyone.  I will not devote my time and energy towards that instead I will
focus on those that take the time to make me feel special and love them even
harder.  It took me a long time and a lot of hurt feelings to get where I
am today, but what would life be without those hard lessons.  I feel like this has made me so much more
relaxed and fun to be around. 

So regardless of who I come in contact with I will always be me and never let the actions of others affect my acts of kindness and prevent me from being who I really am.