Double Take

* Wrap Dress – Target * Pumps – Jessica Simpson * Purse – TJ Maxx * Jewelry – Forever 21 *

Did I tell you guys how much I
love my new camera! The quality of my pictures are awesome.  I took
these pics on my lunch break and let me tell you it was HOT as heck!
Ugh, why is it still 90 degrees in Miami??? I also forgot my sunglasses hence
me squinting in most of these pics but I still love them anyway.  I am
rocking my absolute favorite wrap dress that I have had for five years and
will probably have for five more.

So this post is titled double take because that is exactly what everyone did Monday morning when I walked into work.  Let me back up…no one but you guys, my internet family, has seen my “real” hair in about three years.  So of course people were shocked to see me with this huge puff and not my normal hairstyle.  For the most part I received positive feedback, there were a few people that wanted to know if this was all my hair.  Our UPS guy called me Foxy Brown and insisted on touching my hair, which I let him, lol.  One of our contractors walked into my office and asked me “what happened?” hmmmm…I held my tongue.  So all in all it has been a good experience so far.  Lots of amazing compliments, I  was nervous for nothing.  I did attempt a twist out and it was a disaster, I need to work on my technique. 

I have also realized this week that accessorizing is important.  I have been so lazy when it came to putting on my accessories, I sometimes go days without wearing earrings.   I immediately remedied that since my face is fully exposed.  I will probably continue wearing my natural hair into next week so I can perfect my twist out.  Any suggestions on a good twist out tutorial for my 4a, b, and c hair.