Shades of Green

* Blazer – H&M * Tank  – Target * Skirt – Old navy * Sandals – Ralph Lauren * Necklace – Forever 21 *
So the unofficial end of summer is
here for most of you.  Are you guys ready for the fall fashions?  I
know I am, but of course cold days in Miami will be few to none.  As usual
I will live vicariously through all of you sporting your fabulous fall fashions. 
There is just something about dressing for colder weather that I love! While
summer is nowhere near over for us in Miami the beginning of September does
mark the countdown to my 32nd birthday in a few weeks! I have also noticed that
many of you I connect with on social media are Virgos as well; we are special
people aren’t we?
As you can see I am going through an
unintentional color phase which happens to be green.  While green is not my normal go to color lately it’s been working.  Stretchy tube skirts are usually a
no-no for work because they are always too tight and too thin.  However, I love that this skirt is a medium
weight knit and one reviewer stated she bought the skirt in a Tall versus a
Regular to wear as a midi!  So that is
exactly what I did and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  You guys know Old navy sizing is all over the
place, I can never state anything from them is true to size but I ordered a
Large and the fit is perfect.