Lady In Red

* Dress – Marshalls * Belt – ASOS * Pumps – Jessica  Simpson * Bracelets – Gifted *
Oh how I love sheath dresses! I purchased this same dress at a steal on Ebay two months ago only to get it and realized it was petite, booooo!  I do love it but it’s a tad bit too short for work.  I can probably get away with wearing it with patterned tights in the winter or I might just add a contrasting color to the bottom to make it longer.  Either way this makes my third Calvin Klein dress and as usual the fit is amazing.  
Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross usually all carry Calvin Klein dresses for great prices.  If you are looking for a great sheath dress you can’t go wrong with this one.  
I also finally purchased a DSLR camera, a little early birthday gift to myself.  I must say I thought I would be overwhelmed but I have been taking my time and learning it.  I used it to take these outfit pics which are so-so, I will get better once I learn all the settings but for now the Creative Auto setting is my best friend.  
Here are my favorite photos I have taken so far: 
  I caught this lighting strike last night when I was catching up on The New Normal. 
My niece B-Rocka turned one this past weekend, she refuses to look at the camera or smile for pictures, lol.