Black & Blue

 * Peplum – Forever 21 * Skirt – The Limited * Belt – ASOS * Pumps – Betsey Johnson *  

* Peplum – Forever 21 * Trousers – TJ Maxx * Bracelets – Forever 21 *
I am not sure if you guys knew this but blue is my favorite color, I love peplum tops and anything with a bow on it makes me smile.  So that would account for the similarity in these two outfits.  I ended up wearing these outfits within two weeks of each other and didn’t even realize it.  Both tops are from Forever 21, I picked up the lace peplum from D.C. this weekend.  The top wasn’t even out on the floor yet, it was in the process of getting unpacking and I just happened to see it when my friend was in the dressing room.  Of course after I noticed all the details, lace overlay and faux leather piping I knew it was coming with me.   
Oh how I love these Betsey Johnson pumps, let me just say that they have been retired for a while.   I have worn these shoes everyday since I got them! I just couldn’t help myself they are so cute and comfy.  I have also put away my metal bow belt from ASOS another item that has been in heavy rotation.   
I try to stay away from repeating the same outfits over and over, but when you like something you just like it, right?  Would you wear the same exact outfit every single day? I have noticed several people at my job that do that, same outfit every day but different colors.  That’s not for me but I am guilty of always wearing pencil skirts, blazers and platform pumps.  
What are some of your favorite signature pieces that you wear all the time?