Poised and Polished

* Dress – H&M * Necklace – H&M * Pumps – Jessica Simpson Waleo via Nordstrom Rack *

There is really no other way to describe this dress but to say it’s perfect.  Okay, I did make a one adjustment I cut out the lining, that sucker kept bunching up on me.  I really want this dress in every color, it took everything in me not to buy the white version but I do believe I am going to make my way back to H&M and hope they still have it.  
This post is also the perfect time to discuss shape wear.  I was recently asked this question by Tia:
Can you recommend a good shaper?
I am not sure about anyone else but I have had my fair share of shape wear.  I don’t wear shapewear daily but on days that I need that extra smoothness under my clothes I wear this which I have on underneath this dress.  I have tried Spanx and they rolled up all day long and drove me insane.  I actually bought the Hanes Waist Hi-Half Slip on a whim while I was in Target one day.  I figured instead of trying shorts again I would try a shapewear skirt.  Shapewear shorts are okay but I like that fact that this slip feels and fits like a bandage skirt.  It does tend to ride up as a dress or skirt would when you sit but that isn’t a major issue for me. 
I was already feeling great in this dress but the control skirt gave me a little extra umph and made me feel more polished. 

Do you guys have any other good recommendations on shapewear?