Weekend Wear: Pretty Pastels

* Necklace – Zara * Tank – Target * Skirt – Forever 21 * Sandals – Payless * Purse – LV *

Why must the weekend come and go so fast, sigh.  I most certainly enjoyed my two days off.  A simple skirt and tank top was perfect for hanging out in Midtown Miami.  What did you guys do this weekend?

  • I love this outfit!  You look beautiful.  I love the colors.

  • Rallydfashionfanatic

    Simple and Stunning, I love the necklace with the skirt…;)

  • Robin Halvorson

    Love the pretty skirt and necklace!

  • Cute outfit!! Love that skirt and necklace 🙂 


  • The Chic SAHM

    Te color of that skirt is gorgeous! Perfect for summer!

  • C G

    You look so pretty, such a really cute outfit!!  Love the necklace!!

    Carsedra of:



  • Loving this casual chic look– that skirt is really cute and that statement necklace is fabulous.


  • Good Time Girl Ari

    In love with that necklace!

  • love the skirt and necklace! the color is so pretty!

  • Gorgeouspuddin

    I really love the ease of this outfit. The colors are amazing and you look gorgeous! WERK! lol

  • Love the look 🙂


  • LA Lynn’s

    I love this color on you and that necklace is HAUTE!

  • Cute casual look! I love that necklace reminds me of sherbet!

  • Chi-Chi Agu

    gorgeous as always; i really like your necklace x


  • Honey, the necklace and the colors! I'm loving it all!!

  • I absolutely LOVE this necklace!  You look great as you always do!

  • So pretty! I love the close up, of course.  Always like to see the beautiful faces of my bloggy friends. hehe!

  • This made me think about the skirt I purchased from Target that you didn't like…shrugs and giggles 🙂 You look so summery and cute. Pastels are my fav. Moms dressed all 4 of us in them relentlessly (did I use that word right?). Folks sleep on Payless but not I. I'm up for a Zara run soon. 

  • Yolanda Eason


  • mstennis27

    This is a great outfit.  I put one together for a summer barbecue I went to. Thanks for posting this. Fab Fab Fab!!

  • amazing color skirt, i am in love with that pastel rainbow statement necklace its fabulous!