Peach and Polka Dots

 * Dress – Forever 21 * Belt – ? * Wedges – Nine West * Ring – Forever 21 *
(The dress really isn’t that poofy, the wind kept catching it)
I’m in love!
I know you guys have heard me say that before but this dress had me swooning
all day long.  I wore this polka dot beauty to the office, but it would be
the perfect for a graduation, a summer wedding or for church.  I know my
co-workers think I am probably over the top sometimes with my work outfits but
to be honest I don’t know anything else.  I was that girl in high school
that rarely wore jeans and only owned one pair of sneakers.  I have never really changed from that but I
have realized that since getting divorce and being on my own for the past five
years I have really grown into my own.  I
have come to know myself a lot better and become more appreciative of what God
has given me.  I have learned that no matter what the situation always love yourself.  I am different but the same, does that make
I didn’t mean
to get all philosophical on you guys but I just had an “I am proud of me moment” that I had to share. 
I want to know what makes you proud of yourself, leave me a comment below and don’t be modest =)