Impromptu Dressing

 * V-Neck – Zara * Blouse – Thrifted * Knit pants – NY and Co. * Pumps – Call it Spring * Earrings – Forever21 *
HELLO!  I have been completely slack on my outfit posting, but of course
for good reason, I graduated two weeks ago. *Happy Dance*  I didn’t realize that school consumed so much
of my time, but now I have so much time to do WHATEVER.  First things first, I have to get back into my blogging
groove, secondly start working out again, third take a sewing class and lastly
knock of some of my crochet projects I have neglected.  In between all of those things I will be
applying to graduate school and looking for scholarships.  That sounds like a lot but I am happy to stay
busying doing things that I love.
today’s outfit was impromptu, I woke up and threw something on.  Even though it’s starting to warm up here in
Miami lately I have been dressing for my office climate.  I really hate being cold, so I decided to
layer up today.  Plus we have been plagued
afternoon thunderstorms all week.  I am sure this outfit would be
really cute with a pair of Hunter rain boots. 
Maybe this year I will invest in a pair, I say that every year, lol!    
do you guys dress for your office climate or the outside temperature?