| Cardigan – Oldnavy | Top – Forever 21 | Skirt – Limited (in store) | Belt – Express |

| Pumps – Chinese Laundry |

Who is apprehensive about wearing horizontal stripes? Not me! “They” say bottom heavy women shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes because they add to your girth. Well as you can see I don’t care about what “they” say because I love stripes! And I am loving the way this skirt is hugging my curves.  I have conquered white jeans and vertical stripes, my next fashion faux pas will be wearing a crop top!  I hear they are only for juniors, lol.


  1. Vanessa Lewis

    *e-hi five* I am a long time lurker on your site (*blushes* lol).  Though I love your style, I haven't ever felt the need to say so.  Today is a new day!

    I love you for flipping the bird to "they" who supposedly know what flatters our bodies better than us! Stores have dressing rooms and mirrors for that very reason – for ME to decide what I look good (and not so good in).  You look great in your stripe skirt and given that we have a similar hour glass shape…I shall make my way to the mall to find one LOL!

  2. Lynnette

    Love it! And that pop of color is perfect!!

  3.  *waving* Hey! Thank you so much for coming out of hiding and commenting! People always telling other people what they should do and wear, blah! I was going to link the skirt in my post but it isn't available online anymore.  I am sure you can probably still get it in store =)

  4. i love this look on you!
    i like the stripes with an unexpected solid; it always looks good!
    and i dont know who "they" are, but they are usually wrong when it comes to me also.  Kudos!

  5. I think when "they" speak it is not in reference to us women with curves)! I agree with the previous comments made, if I like something I wear it as long as I know it looks good on me. Let me just tell you; you are wearing that skirt and I heart the way you styled it*__*

  6. Jeanette Linley

    Simply Fab!  And the pop of color with the cardi brings it all together.  Love it!

  7. I am fairly new to your site. Let me tell you, I am addicted. Your fashion sense is on point. I'm going to go broke trying to duplicate your outfits. LOL. Honey, you give me life;-)

  8. I love this look. I would love to recreate it, bt my striped skirt is not work appropriate :(! Rules are meant to be broken, and you look great while doing it!

  9. Chic. You look so polished.  I love cropped tops. If you have a flat tummy I say rock it!

  10. Rashidah Ferguson

    I have a skirt just like that and I have the curves to match. Can't wait to wear it my skirt. You inspire me and you look fab.
    But, i am waiting to see how you are going to pull off that cropped top. Where is Ashley? I haven't saw her blog in my inbox in a while.
    we love you both at http://www.beyondblackbeauty.com

  11. Loving this look with the pop of color with the cardigan.

  12. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    beautiful skirt and color combo!

  13. I love all things black and white! You look amazing in this outfit!!

  14. Nikki Zanae

    Love the skirt!! I asy if you like something, wear it!! BTW I love cropped tops 🙂

  15. I love the entire outfit! I especially love the pop of color that the sweater adds. You look fab as usual!

  16. i have a similar skirt love how u are rocking it , so inspired 🙂

  17. Nykkihill

    DAMN!!! You are SEXY!!! Yes I am staring and yes I had to pick my tongue up off the floor!! Ok…u r working it girl….I have been debating on buying a fitted stripe skirt…but seeing you with your curves….HAYYYYYYY…u go girl!!  *headed to H&M*

  18. I wanted to stop by and thank you for this post.  I needed a little cardigan for pop with my new black with white polka dot top.  This darling outfit on you was a perfect inspiration, and I forgot Old Navy had nice cottony cardi's.  When I followed the link to Old Navy, I found a 25 percent off coupon and came home with 2 cute and comfy cardi's!  Thank you.  

    Glad I found your blog.  You have a great sense of style and color in fashion.

  19. You are so welcome, Oldnavy has been having some amazing sales and they have the best affordable cardigans in every color.

  20. That Angel Girl

    Gurrrrrlllllllllllll! You are WORKING that skirt! I love it! Your figure is amazing, I'm glad you don't let what 'they' say deter you! With curves like those, HOW can you go wrong???

    And your shoes look kinda like the YSL Tribute! WORK!

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