Weekend Wear: Big Hair

* Vest – Gap/DIY * Dress – Ross * Sandals – Payless * Purse – LV Speedy 35 * Bracelets – Gifted * 
* Earrings – Bijuju.com *

Yesterday I rocked my
fro!  I must say I loved it; my hair was big and all over the place. I am
thinking about straightening it for my 1 year natural hair anniversary in
June.  I am not sure how long it would last, Florida’s summers are
serious!  I actually wore my hair out for a video I did with Ashley and
India did for Ily Beauty
Co.  I figured if I was going to talk about hair I mind as well wear
my own.  

The second star of the day
was my maxi dress! I was just telling Kerrisa I need
more maxi dresses, she owns 20+, I think I have about 5 at the most. The length
on this one is PERFECT, and for $9.99 I wasn’t about the leave this baby. 
I need to go back to Ross and hunt down a few more maxi dresses.

Its Monday so you know my
hair tucked away under my lace front for the week.  I am curious to know
if your work environment is receptive to natural hair or is it taboo?