What to Wear: Graduation Dresses

I am finally graduating this spring.  I am so excited, for one my family and friends are coming to celebrate with me and two my mom is staying two weeks.  She also agreed to let me dress her for my graduation, (yikes).  My mom does not dress up at all so I can’t wait to see what she actually agrees to wear.  I am thinking a nice wrap dress and cute flats, can’t go wrong with that. 
Me on the other hand I plan on turning it out the entire weekend, right now I am mostly focused on my graduation dress.  I am sure my school will have some rules on what we can and can’t wear but for now these have caught my eye:

All the dresses pictured are from Dorothy Perkins

The first two are my absolute favorite, I can have two dresses right? Yea I can, it’s my day so I am allowed to be a little extra if I want to, lol.