Trending: Spring Florals

I had an accidental shopping trip today to Ross.  I wandered into the store after picking up a new SD card from Radio Shack.  As soon and I walked in the door I saw nothing but floral dresses everywhere.  Since the store was fairly empty I took my time and went through the racks and picked out a few dresses.  Check out what caught my eye:
I loved the fit of this dress, and the ruching detail on the front and back.  I wish the straps were made differently.  Actually, this dress would be so hot if it were strapless.
On the hanger I loved this dress, not so much when I actually put it on.  The front pockets puffed up too much and stuck out on the sides.  
Not necessarily a traditional floral print, this dress has smaller circular flowers making up the overall pattern.  I love the pattern and the hot pink belt is perfection! This lil mama came home with me.

I knew I was buying this dress before I even put it on.  I fell in love with the traditional silhouette, the front pleats, the hidden pockets and the print and color is beautiful! 

As you guys can see you don’t have to spend a ton of money to stay on trend if that’s what you are into.  Save your hard earned cash for the timeless pieces you will have for years to come.  Next on my list: floral pants, and a floral pencil skirt. Who else will be rocking florals this spring?