Weekend Wear: Knee High Socks

| Cardigan – Thrifted | Tank – Target | Skirt – Target | Socks – Target | Boots – Nine West |


I have been super lazy thisweekend, mostly laying around and watching Sons of Anarchy on my Kindle Fire.  It has been a little chilly this weekend so I bought out my Nine West motorcycle boots.  I like to wear knee high socks with my boots to give the illusion they taller then they actually are.  I have a hard time finding knee high boots that fit my calves, so these are perfect, and I can easily pull them on over my jeans.  Okay, I am off to finish doing nothing, lol.
  • Cuuute! I'm mad….weather is obviously still nice there! Look at you and your baby!

  • I like to wear socks with my boots as well.  This is a really cute look and that puppy is adorable!!!!

  • Shanticka Buchanan

    Cute & causal! I have the same boot/calves issue. It can be so frustrating. I love your socks idea though.


  • Carla

    Love this look & your hair is different!! Love that too! Do tell…

  • GP

    Very cute casual outfit. I LOVE socks too!! I'm going to do the flat boot sock thing cute cute cute! 🙂

  • CheapChicCURVY

    I love it hunny! The cardigan is such a beautiful color and your baby is a cutie!

  • LOL.  When I got my Kindle Fire I did a lot of lounging around and doing nothing too!  I adore the skirt and that's a great idea to wear the boots with the socks.  It does make your boots look taller!

  • dreaminofme18

    U look sooo pretty and that puppy is toooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee

  • you look great! love the skirt and boots!

  • cheapandfabmom

    You look super cute!! Love pink with the stripes.

  • Tag you're it!  Btw…love the look!! 

  • Great look. Love the bright cardigan and the stripe skirt. You pooch is cute.


  • first, i love your hair! and that skirt is so flattering on you…lovely look.

  • Thank you and I am loving it, when it gets hot it is gonna be HOT, lol.

  • Thanks Frannie, she kept coming on the balcony so I figured she deserved to be in at least one shot!

  • Thank you Carla, yep I changed it over the weekend.  I am still getting use to it I will give guys more details once I have worn it for awhile.

  • Thank you, I need more flat boots this is my only pair. 

  • Thanks Kourtney! Too bad she is a hell raiser, lol.

  • Thank you. I love my Kindle! It's my new best friend, I don't go anywhere without it.

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks Veronica!

  • Thank you Dee =)

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you, she is cute and spoiled (my fault, lol).

  • Thank you! The hair is still growing on me, lol.

  • Stephanie McGrew

    stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog
    luv! def enjoyed this post! super super cute!!


  • Say What!!! Girl you are killing it! I love that cardi and I can't believe you thrifted it….well I can, but It's so pretty. lol.

    I love those boots, and with the socks sooo cute! Your doggie is so cute!

  • Thanks Inez!

  • whitecardigan1

    Love your cardigan and your baby is a cutie!

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