Story Telling

* Dress – Ann Taylor Loft * Belt – Thrifted * Pumps – Call it Spring * Bracelets – Forever21 *
today’s dress has a back story, I think all my clothes have a back story. 
This dress was purchased last year from Ann Taylor Loft during one of their
clearance sales.  I think I ended up paying less than $20.  The dress
arrived and I loved it but it shrank a little when I washed it, making the
attached slip hang down too far.
*Side note* Always wash your new clothes
before wearing them, not only for sanitary reasons but they are lace with
chemicals to keep them looking pretty.  As I become more knowledgeable
about clean living I will share little tidbits of info I learn with you
guys.  I am currently reading “Clean, The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s
Natural Ability to Heal Itself” so far it has been eye
back to the story, so I decided “hey I will just cut the slip myself
because it’s a stretch knit and it won’t fray”.  Well, I thought I
turned the dress inside out, but I didn’t.  I ended up cutting the outside
skirt! I was livid with myself.  So back to the closet the dress
went.  Finally after at least 4 months I took it to my tailor to get
fixed, they did a great job.
am super excited about wearing the dress and I was already thinking of ways to
style it.  But it was almost ruined, long story short.  Thanks to
someone, who will remain anonymous, I slipped and fell when I walked through an
oily spot in my parking garage.  At the time I was carrying
my clothes and Starbucks, both went flying! Lol.  I recovered and
gave my clothes the once over and didn’t see any stains.  I got upstairs
and as I am about to hang up my dress, I see a huge oil stain, grrrrrrr. 
I swear I sprinted to the washer to try to prevent the stain from setting, I
think I got lucky because it came out no problem.  
best believe the guilty party put down lots of salt the next day to make sure I
didn’t fall again! Lol.  I can laugh now but at the time I was on
fire!  I guess that’s what I get for trying to hold my purse, my clothes,
the Starbucks all while talking on the phone, not paying attention to what I
was doing.  I have ruined clothes before but I think I would have been extra salty if this was ruined because I hadn’t even worn it yet. 

Also, the ProDiva from The Martini Chronicles selected me for her Diva Spotlight Series.  I generally don’t get too personal on my blog but I split the beans for her.  Be sure to check it out!