Happy Birthday Kerrisa!

Me and the ladies at Ruth Chris Steakhouse

 I snapped a pic before I headed out, I ended up switching my ring

* Blazer – Forever 21 * Tank – Zara * Belt – Target * Jeans – Levis Curve ID *
* Pumps – Chinese Laundry * Necklace & Bracelets – Forever 21 * Clutch – Forever 21 *

This weekend Ashley and I
traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida to celebrate Kerissa’s 26th Birthday, her
words not mines!  Yesterday I read Ashley’s post, “Strangers are just friends waiting to happen”,
it made me so happy that through blogging I have met so many new and wonderful
people.  For me it has always been hard to make new friends so it means a
lot that even though Kerissa lives a little over an hour away from Ashley and I we still make the effort to support each other. 
I really enjoyed meeting all
Kerrisa’s family and friends; I can tell that she is really loved.  When
we were doing introductions at dinner everyone explained how we all knew
Kerrisa.  I told everyone despite having known
her for just a little while, it’s like we are old girlfriends!  I was happy to share her special day with her
and I look forward to our next meet up. 
I also had the opportunity to meet another blogger, Roodlyne of
Supermomplace.  Make sure you guys go
over and check out this ordinary mom doing extraordinary things!  
I should have taken a close up of Kerissa’s accessories, they were FAB!  And I told Ashley to give me that purse! 
Oh and the white jeans are still going strong.