Fit and Flare

 * Blouse – Thrifted/Goodwill * Tank – Target * Belt – JCPenney * Jeans – Old Navy * Wedges – Target *
Its here aren’t you excited! It’s Friday! Okay, that was
corny, but I have had a heck of a week.  I am ready for the weekend so I
can relax and get some retail therapy in with my blogger buddy Ashley.  So the semester is over and you guys know I
talk about school a lot and how important it is to me.  So here are my
grades:  Earth Science – B, Finance for Non-financial managers – B,
Capstone Project – A, Internship – A

The grades officially post at 12am Sunday morning.  Yes I plan to stay up to see them; I am a
geek like that, lol.  Enough school talk
until next semester!

I am not really into flares at all; I prefer straight
legs, skinny or wide leg jeans/pants. 
Last, weekend I was up and out early because my car needed to be
serviced.  On my way back home I decided
to stop into Old Navy.  It was perfect, the
store had just opened and it was nice and quiet.  I was able to take my time and look through ALL
the clearance and sales racks.  I found
several pieces I liked but only ended up getting a few things, including these
flares for $8.99.  I figured for that
price I should have at least one pair.  I
swear Old Navy pants/jeans can be all over the place, but these are true to
size.  The length is perfect and they fit
my waist.  I have already gotten my money’s
worth; this is my third time wearing them this week! 

Make sure you check Old Navy’s most recent sale, yes I am
being an enabler.  You can find more info
at Cheapalicious or Economy of Style.  These ladies are always posting great shopping