Weekend Wear: Jumpsuit

* Jumpsuit – Forever 21 * Denim jacket – Oldnavy * Belt – TJ Maxx * Wedges – Target *
* Watch – Fossils * Bracelets – Gifted *
Finally a jumpsuit!  This thing makes me feel like I am wearing my PJs, soooo comfy.  I actually bought this at the beginning of the year but it has been sitting in my closet for awhile.  I was afraid to wear it…
I try to step outside of my comfort zone every once in awhile.  I typically like simple basic colors and patterns.  Me buying this jumpsuit was a stretch, I didn’t think I could pull off wearing this pattern.  I am my own worse critic sometimes, and I was completely wrong.  I look great and I felt great wearing it today. It is a little long but I like that, I think it elongates my body and makes me looks super tall.  Plus, it has pockets!!!! I added a leather belt and my denim jacket…that’s it.  Simple and casual look for the weekend. 

  • LUV it!

  • Girl you are working that jumpsuit.  You look great in it.


  • I got my first jumpsuit from F21 too and it is just like wearing PJs!  I love the pattern on yours!

  • CheapChicCURVY

    I love this look on you! You have legs for days in this jumpsuit girlie! 

  • You are SO working that jumpsuit!! Fab!

  • Yourlocalceleb

    That is the sassiest jumpsuit! I love it, the belt gives it that extra ooomph 🙂


  • OMG! VBFF you look AMAZE and I just want your pup, she looks like she is so spoiled, glad you gave it a shot!

  • Style & Poise

    Love this!!! It's so 70's inspired and I truly love this look on you! And love the little pooch too…the perfect accessory…lol.


  • That jumpsuit is amazing on you! I love that you paired it with cognac belt!

  • The jumpsuit looks amazeballs on you!! I'm loving the way you styled it… sidebar: I saw that denim jacket at Old Navy this weekend, but they didn't have my size 🙁 Womp womp!

  • You look too cute and casual!!! 

    This jumpsuit fits you great!!  I don't own a jump suit and I have been afraid to even try one too, I just don't think it would fit me.  But I might just bit the bullet like you did and try one.   hehehe  🙂

    Carsedra of:



  • A R Hawkins

    That jumpsuit is fabulous!!! I haven't yet gotten up the nerve to try one myself…

    Also check out my blog when you get a chance: http://www.fatandfierce.com/2011/10/kreativ-blogger-award.htmlI have bestowed you with a 'Kreativ Blogger' award.www.fatandfierce.com

  • RushOurFashion

    This jumpsuit is very nice! I love the wide legs.


  • maureen

    This Jumpsuit looks lovely on you girl… fit so nice

  • Sonya

    This is a great look on you. FLAWLESS!!!

  • Girrrrrl, if you don't crack a smile you betta!!!! U look to FLY for your own good… I love this jumpsuit on you and like how you paired it with the jean jacket and look at yo' pup… 2 cute!!!! 😀

  • Vrdnmartin

    Truly Sharp!! I can't believe you let this sit in your closet. Sooo!!! Chic , work it girl!!!

  • i love this!! It looks so flowy and comfy!

  • Thank you =)

  • Thank you =)

  • They had some many during the spring and summer! This I should have gotten more but this one is perfect. 

  • Thank you. Yes! That's why I think I am going to keep it super long, it is like a maxi jumpsuit. 

  • Thanks Jameil! 

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks Inez! She sure is super spoiled and she didn't want to stand still and takes pics either, lol. 

  •  Thanks Roni! The print is very 70s that's what made me hesitant to wear it.

  • Thanks Rocquelle, I always forget to tell you how much I love your name! It is sophisticated. 

  • I was mad that I paid $30 for it but I have used this thing so much! I have already gotten my money's worth and more. 

  • Do it! I was quite surprised this one fit so well, I never find pants that fit at Forever 21.  The wide legs make it more curvy friendly.

  • Thank you Diva! I will do a post for it.  

  • Thanks Prissy! 

  • Thank you =)

  • Thank you =)

  • Lynn you are crazy! I can so hear you saying that in your southern accent, lol.  Thank you!

  •  Thank you!

  • Thank you. It is very comfy this might become my go to flying outfit from now on.

  • Churchgirl8819

    Very Beautiful! I have to follow! I love that jumpsuit with that cute little dog!


  • This jumpsuit is too cute!

  • yes!!! I am so glad you stepped outside of your comfort zone with this jumpsuit because it really looks fabulous on you! You look sooooo tall!

  • shopping with betty boop

    i dont own a jumpsuit but u make me wanna run out and buy 1 asap lol just fab on u dear

  • timmi of IStyle

    This jumpsuit looks so carefree and comfortable!  The belt adds so much style to it.

  • Aren't jumpsuits great? I recently purchased my first jumpsuit from the Kardashian Collection at Sears, and I love it! It's comfortable and it looks great. You look fab in yours!