My favorite: Stripes!

I really don’t care to take my pictures inside however, the sun was
beaming on my balcony when I got home sooooo…I prepped my little
corner for a photo shoot.  I am so ready for daylight savings time to
end so I can get my morning light back.

I have worn skirts three days in a row this week (I have one on today too) I decided to get rid of all my dress pants and start over.  Crazy huh? Well, I have never really cared to wear pants and since starting my blog I have come to know what works for me and what doesn’t.  Now that I am equipped with the necessary information I will start from scratch and rebuild my collection of dress pants.  I am chucking all but a few that I absolutely love.  I am very guilty of buying things just because they are a good deal, but I know better now. So out with the old, in with the new!  I am going to be on the hunt for dress pants during my next few thrifting trips, keep your fingers crossed I find some good buys.
Maybe I will do a detailed review on what brands I find that work for the curvy consumer,  I love when shoppers give the good and the bad.  I sometimes find the reviews on websites to be unhelpful.  When I absolutely love something I try to give as many details as possible to you guys.
Okay, I am off to go study more Earth Science, later gators.

Tee shirt – Oldnavy
Skirt – NY&Co.

Shoes – Chinese Laundry via TJ Maxx
Bracelets – H&M & JcPenney
Earrings – Goodwill

P.S. Ms. Tia, I will do a detailed hair post for you this weekend!

  • Nessalew

    Hi Bajan Beauty 🙂 I've been reading your blog about a month now but this will be my first time commenting. I love the idea of a brand review for curvy girls. I have a huge issue with dress pants, in that the waist is almost always too big and the length too short for heels.  If you could make recommendations, that would be awesome.  THANKS!!

  • Hi! Thanks for reading my blog and providing feedback on this idea.  I know exactly what you mean, it can really be a struggle at times. 

  • Isn't it crazy what blogging teaches you about shopping habits and style tastes?  I'm amazed by it as well.  I love the blue of this skirt!  It is perfectly bright!

  • Yourlocalceleb

    I love your choice to revamp your wardrobe, it's great to find what really works on your body and to go from there. I was always buying things too that were a good deal, only to find that they were a really bad purchase when I looked in the mirror for awhile!

    Talk to ya!

  • shalilac

    I hope you bought that skirt recent;y because I'm about to go look for it LOL. I luv it! Fits your curves perfectly!

  • Ann Taylor and Victoria's Secret both have great fitting dress pants. And, I'm just like you. I only wear dresses. Love the way my body looks in them.

  • I love this outfit.  I am in search of a BOLD hue bottom (whether it is in skirt/pant form) for myself and cannot seem to find it. AINT THAT SOMETHING that you would post this cute skirt….and now I am back on the hunt for it. LOVE IT!
    S Nicole

  • *fingers crossed* 🙂 That skirt fits you very well.

  • Shanticka Buchanan

    I applaud your idea to get rid of all of your old dress pants. I could never do it. Just not in a sistas budget right now. =D I can't wait to see your finds.

  • 1. I heart that t-shirt. I swear, I feel like you can never have enough striped tees.

    2. That skirt is  The fit, the color, everything!

    3. I can't believe you got rid of all your dress pants! Okay, see…now that is inspiring!

  • I love that skirt!!!
    I made one —> same color, different style. Also, I'm not a curvy lady but I love this blog. Great style is great style is great style.

  • I love that skirt, I love the color and the way it fits. I also like how you paired it with stripes, VERY cute outfit…

  • wow, the skirt looks great! 
    & keep retraining yourself and not buying just for the deal! be an inspiration for the rest of us, lol


  • I am redoing my wardrobe too!
    I am one that has fallen for the "quantity over quality" frame of mind.
    Now I go for quality, but at a price I don't feel is too much.
    Quality in clothes just fit so much better than quanity clothes…they hold their shape better too and last longer.
    BTW, I have the EXACT same shirt.

  • This is a great outfit, you look so pretty!!  I really love the shoes!!!

    Carsedra of:

  • I am so going to copy this outfit! I just bought a skirt in a similar color and you styled it so awesome. It's very chic and not overly done. Love it!

  • Confessions Of A City Girl

    I love the color of your skirt!

    ~SherineCheck out my blog, comment, and follow if you like! Confessions Of A City

  • This is such an amazing look.  That skirt fits you to a T.  Thanks for all of you lovely comments on my blog.  Oh and to answer you question no, I've never been told that I look like Free. But I have gotten Jill Scott.


  • I love your stripes with the turquoise! So vibrant and chic. I love it!

  • Those stripes are banging!!! I love the whole outfit…super cute.

  • This is a nice combo. The second pic really highlights how flattering the outfit is. I like how stripes are like a neutral and can go with just about anything.

  • Thank you, I am obsessed with stripes.  I wear them all the time!

  • Thank you =)

  • Thank you!  I just browsed your blog…food and fashion, I love it already!

  • You are welcome and thank you.  I could see you guys favoring each other.  I think the red in your hair makes me think of Free more.  

  • Thank you! 

  • Thanks Corie! 

  • Thank you, they are beautiful but at the end of they day I am always relieved to take them off! 

  • I want this shirt in every color! I was the same way since I have been blogging I am very meticlous about what I buy.  Even if I get it home and it doesn't work (I think dressing rooms make everything look good) it goes back to the store. 

  • I am trying, but it is a work in progress! lol. 

  • Thank you! I just checked out your blog, I LOVE your hair.  I wish I had the patience to style my fro, but I am lazy, lol. 

  • Thank you and I agree! 

  •  Thanks Ebony!  I go this tee to copy your style me Friday look with the red pants =)

  •  Trust me this is gonna be a slow process, I am cheap! Lol.  I will be looking for lots of sales and coupons to fund this idea.

  • Thanks Jenelle, I am loving your new natural look.  I miss the locs but you are working those natural hairstyles! 

  • Thank you.  Lol, I have had this awhile…I saw another blogger wearing it  last year! NY&C0 always has fab pencils skirts or try JcPenney.

  • They are both on my list, and Express as well.  There trousers have always fit me well, but they are kinda pricey. 

  • Thank you, I didn't =(.  But I think this one is would be a good substitution 

  •  Exactly, that's why now I take all purchases home fix it up as I would wear and see how it works. 

  •  Thank you Frannie and it does!

  • mrsmward1

    i have this skirt and i luv it !!!! u just gave me more inspiration 🙂

  • Kerissa

    Love everything about this look. Stripes are always a win and with a pop of color you made it shine. I'm not a fan of slacks either. Jeans? Yes! Slacks for work or church or a meeting umm nope. I have such a difficult time finding the perfect length.