My favorite: Stripes!

I really don’t care to take my pictures inside however, the sun was
beaming on my balcony when I got home sooooo…I prepped my little
corner for a photo shoot.  I am so ready for daylight savings time to
end so I can get my morning light back.

I have worn skirts three days in a row this week (I have one on today too) I decided to get rid of all my dress pants and start over.  Crazy huh? Well, I have never really cared to wear pants and since starting my blog I have come to know what works for me and what doesn’t.  Now that I am equipped with the necessary information I will start from scratch and rebuild my collection of dress pants.  I am chucking all but a few that I absolutely love.  I am very guilty of buying things just because they are a good deal, but I know better now. So out with the old, in with the new!  I am going to be on the hunt for dress pants during my next few thrifting trips, keep your fingers crossed I find some good buys.
Maybe I will do a detailed review on what brands I find that work for the curvy consumer,  I love when shoppers give the good and the bad.  I sometimes find the reviews on websites to be unhelpful.  When I absolutely love something I try to give as many details as possible to you guys.
Okay, I am off to go study more Earth Science, later gators.

Tee shirt – Oldnavy
Skirt – NY&Co.

Shoes – Chinese Laundry via TJ Maxx
Bracelets – H&M & JcPenney
Earrings – Goodwill

P.S. Ms. Tia, I will do a detailed hair post for you this weekend!