Law and Order

* Ring – Forever 21 *
I know you guys are wondering why this post is called Law and Order…well I had a court hearing today and I wanted to be a little dressy.  However, upon my arrival I noticed that no one really dresses up for court anymore…even the judge was casual under her robe (I saw her outfit before she put her robe on).  Well I have never been one to to do what others do soooooo I was over dressed, lol.  Plus the hearing was with my ex-husband and of course I needed to show him that I am still fine and fancy without him. 
As soon as I saw this top on NY&Co. I knew it would be mines!  However, I am barginista and I was not feeling the price at all so I decided to wait until it went on sale, or wait until I had a coupon.  To my surprise I was able to pick it up at the NY&Co. outlet for 50% off this weekend, score! Good deals make me happy, lol.  I can wait to wear this top again maybe with some cropped pants next time. 
Oh and the judgement went in my favor, such a blessing and weight lifted off of me.