Feelin’ Fancy

 * Dress – Mandee * Shoes – Forever 21 * Bracelets – HM * Necklace – Goodwill *
almost didn’t get to post this dress, I couldn’t find my battery
charger for my camera anywhere.  Of course it was sitting in my suitcase
from my NC trip, right where I left it, lol.  
purchased this dress 6 years ago for my 25th birthday…and I feel so
fancy every time I wear it!  It reminds me of the big puffy Easter
dresses my mom would buy me when I was younger. I just wanna twirl
around, and around and around…kinda like Baby at the end of Dirty
Dancing, ha!  I love wearing it but I hate ironing it, which means it
usually only sees the light of day twice a year.  My striped shoes were a
perfect compliment, I should have gotten them in in
khaki as well.
I only have one issue with this dress every time I step outside the smallest breeze blows up the skirt!