Classic Chic

 (The other Diva in the house)

Good Morning! I know you guys are probably like where the
hell have you been?! Well…no excuses, but real life kind of takes over sometimes.  Oh and it usually takes me a minute to get
back in my groove after taking vacation. 
I have been keeping up with my blog reading (slacking on commenting) and
I have been tweeting on and off.  I have also
been doing some strategic planning on ways to improve my blog and my social
presence.  I have missed you guys but I
will admit…my outfits over the past few weeks have been thrown together and not
in a good way, lol.  So last night I
actually took the time to pick out my outfit.
So today’s outfit is classic…skirt, blouse and pumps.  I have really been into blouses; I still need
to find the perfect pussy bow blouse.  I
found a nice Bebe one at the Goodwill but accidentally shrunk it, smh.  There is something about a blouse that is timeless
and lady like, expect to see me in more of them.  I am also awaiting cooler weather so I can
throw on some layers; wear my scarves, blazers and boots!  I also finally got my red skinny jeans, well
I have two pairs but one is going back. 
party people have a great day, I need to study for my Earth Science mid-term
that I am stressing over =/  
P.S. Super big hello to all my new followers and a big hug to all my loyal readers out there that keep coming back, love you guys.
Houndstooth blouse – Thrifted
Skirt – Target
Tank – Love Culture
Shoes – Jessica Simpson via DSW
Ring and Necklace – Forever 21