Stripes and Polka Dots

I had a great Labor Day
weekend! My two besties (who are also sisters) came down from D.C. to visit
me.  I have been friends with these ladies since H.S., and we have kept in
touch with each other all these years despite the distance between us.  I
keep my circle of friends fairly small and anyone that is close to me I
consider a best friend.  These ladies know absolutely everything about me
and we have similar family experiences with makes them more like sisters
instead of friends. There Dad even told them to tell me “he still loves me
like a daughter” that made get a little misty. 

I know some people that turn
to their family during hard times and rely on them. Unfortunately I have never
been really close to anyone in my family besides my Brother, so I usually count
on my friends who always have my back. 

I even gave them the URL for
my blog (which I keep from everyone).  Of course they were very supportive
and gave me some great suggestions.  So my weekend was spent relaxing,
eating and having girl talk. We are already planning out next couple of visits!

The clothing breakdown:

V is wear a polka dot dress
which she got from JcPenney for $18 marked down from $79!  She is also
wearing Carlos Santana Shoes and I believe Tiffany’s jewelry.

M is wearing an HM dress, which
I had to coerce her to get back in February, Michael Shannon sandals.  I
believe she is wearing Tiffany’s jewelry as well.

My dress is from Ross and my
booties are Guess, ring and earrings from Forever 21.