Denim Double Take

I am usually
not one to follow trends, however I am all for colored denim.  After seeing a few other bloggers with the
City Streets brand skinny jeans, I ordered cobalt blue and bright pink from JcPenney.  I attempted to get a red pair of skinnies
from Oldnavy but that was a fail.  I waited 3 weeks for them and after I
finally received them the fit was horrible.  I went back and read the
reviews online and it seems that I needed to order them two sizes bigger and
one length longer, really Oldnavy?  Okay, so the hunt is still on for an
affordable pair of red skinny jeans, any good suggestions?  So far I am loving my pink and blue jeans, I am thinking of ordering green also but I’m not so sure if I can pull that off. 
P.S. 10 days until my 31st birthday!
Denim shirt – Oldnavy via Ebay
Jeans – JcPenney
Sandals – MRKT via DSW