Simply Chic

Instead of showing you guys my work outfit I wore today,
which I loved but the pictures came out horribly, I opted for my after work
casual look.  I did a quick switcharoo and threw on my jeans and
wedges.  I have become such a tank top
girl since living here in Miami.  I am
always wearing these long and lean tanks from Target and throwing on a pair of
jeans or shorts.

Adding the scarf and necklace took a simple tank and jeans
from plain to chic.  The weather was
perfect today for a light woven summer scarf. 
I fought my urge to throw on a ring and bangles and kept my look simple
and casual. 

Tank – Target
Jeans – Levis Curve ID
Wedges – Target
Scarf and Necklace – Dots

Earrings – Fabco NYC