Color Blocking: Finally!

I finally found a color combination that was perfect for color blocking; I must say I am feeling quiet good wearing this outfit today!  If you follow me on twitter (@curveebeauty) then you know me, StyleChic360 and Gen321 all purchased the same knit pencil skirts during the Forever 21 yellow tag sale.  Instead of taking the safe route, typical black skirt, I figured I needed to try something new.   
There isn’t much color in my closet so I hit the goodwill Saturday to find some nice tops specifically for color blocking.  I hit the jackpot, three blouses, for $17!  I can’t wait to see how the other ladies style their skirts.  I just realized my entire outfit is less than $50, minus my hair, lol.  
I want to give a special thanks to all the ladies over at I read all of your nice compliments.  I joined the forum but I am not about to respond to posts for some reason.
Silk Blouse – Goodwill (tag removed)
Skirt – Forever 21+
Pumps – Jessica Simpson via Ross 
Ring – Forever 21 

Earrings – Forever 21