My Blog Anniversary

I am so happy, humbled, excited, everything! I can’t believe that I have made it an entire year already.  I really stepped out of comfort zone by starting this blog, I am the shy introverted chick that doesn’t really talk much.  However, I had reached a turning point in my life being newly divorced and wanting to step out my comfort zone.  Not going into too much detail, but going through a divorce has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do, ever, ever, ever in my life! So here I am a year later, feeling better than ever moving on and making progress…taking it one day at a time. 
It sometimes takes a life changing event that causes you to hit bottom start over and realize your personal worth.  I know that I am an intelligent, smart, and savvy woman and no one will ever take that from me nor will I allow anyone to make me doubt that again. I love the woman that I have become. Sharing my sense of style and connecting with new and fabulous people has become an important part of my life.
With all that being said Curves and Confidence isn’t going anywhere for a long time!  I sincerely want to thank everyone the reads and comments and even those that don’t comment.  It means a lot to me that you take the time to share my little piece of the world.  If you only know how much blogging has helped me transform myself.   
So to celebrate my first year, I got some goodies to giveaway …*my favorite things*. The giveaways will start tomorrow and run through next week.