Cute Referee

Yep I am a cute referee today; well at least that’s what someone told
me.  Of course it was a man that said it, lol.  It was a still a
compliment so I said Thank you and kept it moving.  
*Side bar* I am watching Toddlers and Tiaras as I type this blog post, oh my
gosh! I am disturbed by this show, 3 years olds shaking their lil booty’s in
two piece swim suits, sigh.  Okay, back to blogging.
You guys already know I love anything with strips!  This dress is one
of my faves…I say that about a lot of the clothes I post; I guess that is a
good thing, lol.  Last year for my birthday I received a $300 Macy’s gift
card at work and this is one the items I purchased. I normally don’t shop a
Macy’s but trust me I wasn’t complaining; clearly my shopping habit seems
to be well known at work, lol.  I have a love hate relationship with the
ruffled collar.  Every time I wear this dress I say I am going to cut it
off but it adds a lil something so it’s probably going to stay.  Plus the
ruffle keeps the dress “work appropriate”.  

That last pic is me giving my neighbor the eye for being on his balcony
during my photo shoot! LOL.

Dress – INC Concepts
Sandals – MRKT via DSW
Ring – Forever21
Earrings –