Tropical Paradise

Have you ever purchased something for a specific reason and never wore it? I do this all the time, case in point my lovely palm frond dress. Isn’t it beautiful? This dress was intended for my N.C. vacation last summer but thanks to a special someone, I wasn’t able to go. So this beauty has been aging in my closet since then, tags still attached.
So Last night I was going through my nightly ritual and also unpacking my suitcase from Puerto Rico…I know, I know, I am the worst when it comes to unpacking. I picked up this dress and decided she was the lucky winner. She has now been transformed from a vacation dress to a work dress; surviving being tossed in the Goodwill pile with the others. This dress make me feel like I should be on lido deck of a cruise ship sipping something fruity, unfortunately that won’t be happening today.

I just realized my entire outfit is Forever 21! and I decided to let my forehead breathe a little no more bangs, it’s too hot!

Blazer – Forever 21
Dress – Forever 21
Belt – Forever 21
Pumps – Jessica Simpson via Ross
Bracelets – Gifted
Ring – Kohl’s
Earrings –