Everybody Everywear: Floral

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

I love participating in the Everybody Everywear challenges, but I wasn’t thrilled to see that floral was the next challenge item. However, late last night I realized that I had picked up this great colorful floral cardigan from the Goodwill that I hadn’t worn yet. After some mixing and matching, trying on and taking off. (I know I am no the only person that tries on their entire outfit the night before work, okay maybe I am) I finally came up with something I loved!

I love the bright colors, I need to work this cardigan into my rotation more often it’s so beautiful. And it looks great with my favorite thrifted dress!

Sorry my pics aren’t the best today, there is a smokey haze over the city due to fires burning out West.

Cardigan – Thrifted via Goodwill (no label)
Dress – Calvin Klein via Goodwill
Belt – H&M
Shoes – Not pictured, Jessica Simpson Nude Pumps