Bloggers Do it Better: Prep School

Bloggers Do It Better

My first Bloggers Do It Better assignment! I missed out on Color Blocking and White Out…I was not missing out on Prep School. This outfit definitely came together at the last minute…I was hoping to find a crested blazer but I didn’t have the chance to hit the thrift stores like I wanted to. So the next is to shop my closet! The only thing I purchased was my tie which is Brook Brothers how cool is that! I think I did pretty good, of course I had to add a belt my favorite accessory. This was fun and challenging, I can’t wait for the next assignment. Oh, and I had to get my co-worker to tie my tie in a windsor knot for me.

Soooooo…How did I do?

Cardigan – Oldnavy
Tank – Oldnavy
Shorts – Target
Heels – Steve Madden via Burlington Coat Factory
Tie – Brooks Brothers via Red, White & Blue Thrift store