Black and White – Two Fer

Hey guys, I have been slacking…sorry. School is back in session and I am taking 3 classes summer classes this semester. I have been taking pics just not posting them, bad blogger, I know. Okay now on to the good stuff…

I am taking a Saturday class which I’m not to happy about but I’m focused and ready to finish my degree! On the other hand I can get in an additional casual cute outfit. I kept it simple with my favorite striped tee from Target and a skirt. I decided to wear flats since I had to put in a full shift of shopping at the mall after class, getting ready for my Puerto Rico vacation!

Cambray shirt – Oldnavy
Tank – Target
Skirt – Oldnavy
Flats – Ross

Last night I laid out my entire outfit for work, however I didn’t try it on. I hate when I do that but I was tired and it came together good in my head. However this morning it was a fail, I had to rush around and throw on something. I ended up in my favorite blazer and my favorite pants. Threw on some shoes that hadn’t been in rotation since April and I was good to go. I hate when I have to rush and find something to wear but I did good today. Okay, I’m off to study for a test tomorrow and try and watch the Heat/Bulls game at the same time.

Blazer – H&M
Tank – Oldnavy
Ankle pants – JcPenney
Shoes – Chinese Laundry via Marshalls