Plaid Perfection

Two good pics…this is what happens when I am rushing. I have had the skirt I am wearing for about 3 years, and she is still holding on. However, she will need to be taken in at the waist and maybe a little along the sides and shortened just a smidgen.

How do you feel about having your clothes altered? Until recently I wouldn’t do it at all! I don’t know why…I figured it should fit me perfectly if i am going to spend my money on it. However being pear shaped this doesn’t work in my favor most times. Instead of being stubborn I gave in and found two great seamstresses. Having my clothes altered makes such a huge difference…particularly with pants. I always have major issues with gaping at the waist. My jeans and pants fit so much better after being altered. I don’t have to constantly tug on them all day trying to keep them up at my waist.

So does anyone else invest in altering clothes or do just pass on something that doesn’t fit you perfectly?

Top – Ross
Belt – Thrifted
Tank – Love Culture
Skirt – Target
Shoes – MRKT via Ross
Ring – Forever 21
Bracelets – Dots