Kiss me I’m Irish!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Better pics today…I made some adjustments to my cameras settings.

I just saw a segment on the Today show about the cheapest family in America…90% of their clothing is used. They shop exclusively at consignment stores and thrift stores. I didn’t start thrifting until I jumped into the blogging world and now I am hooked. I haven’t tried my hand at consignment stores yet but its on my to do list. Even the kids were on board with wearing used clothing, which is great. We all know there is a lot of pressure on kids to fit in and have the newest and latest everything.

I can definitely contest to the great deals that can be found at thrift stores, case in point the dress I am wearing today. This dress is one of my favorite thrifted purchases, Calvin Klein dress for $10. If you have the patience you can find some great deals at thrift stores.

Dress – Thrifted via Goodwill
Belt – H&M
Shoes – Carlos Santana via Famous Footwear
Earrings –
Bracelets – Gifted