Purple Reign

I have a bad case of the Monday’s today. Why can’t the weekend be extending just a few hours into Monday so we can get a couple hours to adjust ourselves. I had a really great weekend and I wasn’t ready for it to end.

I finally spent my Forever 21 gift card my baby Brother got me for Christmas, I can’t believe I held on to it that long. I think I set a new personal record for myself. I didn’t want to rush and spend it just to spend it. I hear a lot of people complain about the quality of items sold at Forever21. I personally have not ever had any problems with the clothing I have brought from them. I started shopping with them back in 2000 and still have a few items from back then. The selection and quality overtime has gotten much better to me. I have fudged a few items by not reading the labels before washing them, which has led to major shrinkage but overall for a moderately priced store I like them.

They could be more realistic when it comes to sizing…but so could a lot of other stores.

Top – Forever21, thank baby Bro
Pants – NY & Co.
Peep toes – Steve Madden via DSW
Ring – Forever 21

Don’t forget tomorrow is Blazer Day over at Everybody Everywear