I have a question…

Today’s outfit is super casual…I was gonna throw on some heels but I’m feeling lazy today. My outfit was styled around my new striped bag I got from H&M…the obsession with strips continues…

So I was thinking that I would do something different today. I am going to provide you guys with some information about my personal style. I read tons of blogs and sometimes I feel like I am left wanting to know more about the person in the picture as it relates to their style. So I am going to lay it all out…well not all of it, lol. Consider this a self interview.

How tall are you: 5’5″

What size do you wear: 10/12 depending on the store or the cut of the clothing

What size shoe do you wear: 8 1/2 or 9 depending on the style

Favorite style of shoe: Peep toe platform…I repeatedly purchase this shoe regardless of how many I already own.

Favorite color: Blue

Pants or skirt: Skirt

Trendy or Classic: Classic

Bootcut or Skinny: Skinny

Favorite accessory: Any kind of big gaudy cocktail ring and big earrings

Current obsession: Cardigans and strips

How often do you go shopping: I shop at least once a week

Any new trends you won’t try: 6″ inch heels my ankles would never forgive me