Just Getting Started

I’m glad to be back! I had a very nice Christmas/New Years vacation visiting my family in NC. It was cold, cold, cold and it snowed the second day I was home. I wasn’t too thrilled about it but I embraced it and enjoyed it while it lasted. Thank goodness NC only got the tail-end the blizzard. I relaxed the entire time played with my niece, eat too much, drank too much…and I didn’t take one single picture, which I still can’t believe. I loved being home, but I missed my sunshine!

While I was in NC I had the opportunity to go to H&M! The store didn’t really have much to choose from considering it was right after Christmas. That didn’t stop me from loading up my arms with stuff anyway. This stripped top being one of them, you guys know how much I love strips! Miami really needs to get an H&M, we are so deprived =(

My sister-in-law also told me about this great accessories boutique called Bijuju, you can check out their online store here. I was like a kid in a candy store, but I restrained myself and didn’t go too crazy. The customer service was outstanding and the staff was so friendly. They also had a great sale buy two, get one free which was perfect or at least I thought so. A girl can never have too many baubles…

Blouse – H&M
Ankle pants – JCPenney
Belt – Forever21
Peep toes – Steve Madden via DSW
Earrings – Bijuju, accessories boutique
Ring – Bijuju, accessories boutique