This was my potential casual Friday outfit…I wasn’t too sure about it so I texted a pic to my friend Drizzy Thursday night…#epicfail, lol. He said it made me look big =( I didn’t care because I loved the look and wanted to rock it at work.

Regardless of what Drizzy thought I got up Friday morning and took my outfit pics. I changed my mind at the very last minute after I previewed the pics I took. Maybe it was just my insecurities playing on me and I gave in to them. I changed my clothes at the last minute. Maybe if the strips were horizontal the skirt would look more slimming. Which one is suppose to make you look fat, vertical or horizontal stripes?

I decided to post the pics anyway because not all my outfits are gonna be fabulous and I have my insecurities just like everyone else. What do you ladies think…Yea or Nay?

I just read The Fashionista Next Door and saw her post about her maxi skirt…will any of you ladies be trying this trend?